Black Listed Clan Posting Guide.

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Black Listed Clan Posting Guide. Empty Black Listed Clan Posting Guide.

Post  besneyepnu on Tue May 10, 2011 4:44 pm

Before making a post about a clan, make sure you have spoken to me about the reasons. I will determine if they should be on the list.

This is the posting structure that needs to be followed to the space. In the future im hoping to create a search function the has a overlay for CA. So if all post look the same it makes it much easier to pull info when needed so please follow this to the last space.

Name the subject the clan being Black listed, make sure you spell it as it appears ingame.
This is the body structure that i want used.

Black List Reason - here put the reason that we have discussed.
TeamView - here put who got TeamViewed and the link to the TeamView video. If there was no TeamView then put the reason one was not done.

Then here you'll go to cbl and search for the clan and put the clans signature right here.

Here is an example post:

Black List Reason - Leader does not support or enforce TeamViewing of clan.
TeamView - Suspect members could not be TeamViewed do to clan loose TeamView policies.

Black Listed Clan Posting Guide. Marinebeseyepnu-1

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