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Post  DetroitGill on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:52 pm

Processor: Intel i7 860

Ram: 8 gb ddr3

Motherboard: Asus____ i forgot n 2 lazy to look it up

System type: 64 bit win 7 home

Hardrive: 1 tb

Graphics: GeForce GTX 260

Monitors: 21.5 in HP 2159m & 32 in LG ld400

Case: Fulltower

total cost about $2000 affraid

Windows Experience Index (1.0to7.9)
processor: calculations 7.5
Memory: Memory operations per second 7.5
Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero 7.2
Gaming Graphics: 3d business and gaming graphics perfromance 7.2
Hard disk: dist data transfer rate 5.9 =(

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